Friday, August 7, 2009

Journalism Contract

Journalism Class Contract

I _________________ understand that while Journalism is an elective, it is also very important in that my complete cooperation is needed. I will be in class on time. I will do what is asked of me. I will be exactly where I’m supposed to be when I’m supposed to be, or I understand that I will face disciplinary consequences. I will give 100% participation to this class because so many others are depending on me to do my jobs and do them well. I will not discuss the contents of this class with anyone who is not in the class. Everything is confidential. I understand the above requirements for Journalism class.
Student’s signature

Please sign this permission form which allows your child to leave campus to sell ads, do other Journalism related errands, take pictures, etc.

Check the appropriate boxes:
My child has permission to drive.
My child has permission to drive with others in the car.
My child has permission to ride with another student driving.
My child only has permission to ride with Mrs. Reed or another responsible adult.

Parent’s Signature: _______________________________
Date: _______________________________

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