Friday, August 7, 2009

Interact Application

Boyd Christian High School Interact Application

Name: _______________________________

Address: ______________________________

Phone: ________________

Grade: ______ GPA: _____ (estimated)

Email: ______________________________

BCS Interact is a service organization in conjunction with the Rotary Clubs of McMinnville. Our motto is “Service Above Self”. We take pride in the fact that we have “the best of the best students” who are willing to live by the “4-Way Test”. We devote our time to service projects by helping in five different areas: school, community, international, club fellowship, and district fellowship. Our club is exclusive because we want those who truly have the proper BCS attitude and live by a strong moral code. If you are not willing to participate, to volunteer, and to work without whining, then do not apply. Not everyone who submits an application will be inducted in the club due to the limited number of members that we may have each year.

What extracurricular activities have you participated in during high school?

List 3 ideas you have for Interact.

What service projects have you participated in during high school?

In your high school career, have you been sent to the principal for any disciplinary procedure? If yes, why?

Do you understand that you will be required to attend no less than 90% of all Interact meetings?

You will be required to work and document at least 15 service hours to remain active in the club. You will be required to work and document at least 20 service hours to be eligible for convention in March. Each Interact member will be required to attend several Rotary meetings.

In the space provided, write a 250 word essay discussing why you want to be in Interact and what you would contribute to this organization.

I understand that I must keep a 2.8 GPA (or higher) at all times. I understand that the sponsor and/or Mr. Harper reserve the right to terminate my membership, after due process, if I do not maintain the high standards of Interact. I understand that being a member of Boyd’s Interact is a privilege. I will not abuse that privilege.
I will do my best to uphold the principles of Interact and of Boyd Christian School at all events and will behave in a responsible manner. I realize that I am representing the school, and I will obey the Interact dress code. I will act appropriately so as not to tarnish what Boyd’s Interact has worked diligently to achieve.
I understand that completing this application does NOT guarantee membership into Interact.

Applicant’s Signature Date

I have read the information provided by my son/daughter on this form and can verify that it is true, accurate and complete in its presentation. I understand the participant requirements listed on this form. I also realize that my child will need transportation to and from activities. I give my permission for my child to leave school for Rotary meetings or other Interact functions. I realize that not all students who apply will be inducted into the club.

Parent’s Signature Date

Please indicate if _____ my child may drive ______ my child may ride with another student
_____ my child may only ride with an adult

Applications will be reviewed by Mrs. Reed, the officers, and Mr. Harper.

Applications must be given to President Katie Gooden or Vice President Lauren Wilcher (not Mrs. Reed) before 3:00 on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2009. No late applications will be accepted.

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